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I am currently working TFCD only, and am not seeking paid work from models or the public. I do not put out funds for MUA's, wardrobe, studio rentals, or long distance travel.

Unlike some photographers, I am just as comfortable shooting males as females, and have recently enjoyed several great shoots with new and familiar male models.

Alternative models and those older than traditional age are also welcomed.

In general, my availability to shoot and process images is dictated by my day job workload, out-of-town business trips, and other photography commitments.

A typical shoot takes 2 hours and yields 250 images. Around 10% are selected for post-processing, yielding 25 on average.

For most outdoor shoots, suggested starting time is two hours before sunset.

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Model Mayhem #13494 - Great site and source of most contacts

MySpace - rp_photo - Testing the waters

A final thought concerning "Stanley", a fictional character in this 1960's Peace Corps PSA.

He achieved material success and did what everyone asked of him, but lived a life that was somehow unfulfilled.

Photography is my way of assuring that I make a few waves and rock a few boats in my life.

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