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I consider myself to be a dedicated but still-evolving photographer who does not anticipate financial gain from my work in the immediate future. My motivations for shooting and operating this site are to create and exhibit images that show what both me and the model are capable of doing. Many of the models that I work with are in corresponding situations.

The "day job" must take precedence:

My job is my primary source of income while photography is a net expenditure. My ability to shoot, post-process images, and buy additional equipment is virtually dictated by my job schedule, which has been notorious for having slow and busy periods. So far, 2006 has been a very busy time, meaning that I have less time to shoot, but am able to get more gear to do it!

Planning a shoot:

Often, the model has more specific requirements for images than I do. For that reason, I do not decide the details of a shoot, but rather present models with locations and concepts and pursue any ideas that they may have.

Conditions and availability of outdoor locations are subject to change, and there are various risks associated with using them such as stinging insects, heat and cold, slips and falls, unwanted attention from onlookers, and at some locations, crime. I work very hard to minimize these risks, and disclose them in greater detail in the location pages.

TFCD policy:

The TFCD (Trade for CD) concept, also known as TFP (Trade for Prints), evolved as a way for photographers, models, and makeup artists to collaborate on a cashless basis by sharing images produced and using them for their own self-promotion. It is normally understood that none of the parties will use them for direct financial gain. My primary method of self-promotion is displaying images through galleries on this site, as well as occasional printing for portfolio book and business card usage.

I work strictly on a TFCD basis in which I provide the model with high-resolution, printable images on CD and/or download from private online directory as compensation.  I use the images only for the purpose of self-promotion by displaying them on this site and in legitimate online communities and forums.

Image selection, usage, and delivery:

In order for a shoot to be as positive an experience as possible, the final images should be flattering to both the model and photographer. To assure this, the following steps are taken after a shoot:

Model release:

These terms are formally spelled out in my model release form, which can be printed and signed in advance or at the start of the shoot, to which I will bring copies. In the event that I work with a model more than once, a separate release is signed for each shoot.

Cancellations and no-shows:

I understand that we are all in this game with varying degrees of seriousness. For some, it is a full-time profession, for others a part-time hobby, and there are many states in-between. If for some reason you change your mind about an agreed-upon shoot or shoot in planning, let me know. It is not necessary to come up with wild excuses (I've heard some good ones!) or no-show a shoot. I will understand.

A questionable cancellation situation or unexplained no-show will be taken to mean that the  model decided not to shoot and was unable to express their reasons. Unless there are special circumstances, I do not believe that a re-scheduled shoot would be in either of our best interests.


I respect the model's need for security. Escorts are always  welcomed and sometimes preferred at shoots as long as they do not interfere. During some of my shoots, escorts have been helpful and have even contributed ideas. In other cases, inappropriate activity like taking their own pictures has taken place.

Escorts can be valuable assistants by holding reflectors and monitoring the area for possible trouble while the model and photographer are engrossed in their work.

To assure that a shoot be enjoyable and successful, it is important that the model address any concerns of those in their lives such as spouses, significant others, friends, relatives, and employers. Let me know if you need to keep your identity discrete.